​"Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy"

From childhood, how were you trained to think and how are you training your children to think?


We have a social crisis in unhealthy, unstructured thinking that jackpots into the medical crisis in mental health.


The big question - what is the most effective way, for someone working alone, to break emotional reflexes wired into their nervous system from childhood?


The overlap between human health and computer science means that the human thought process is a natural law like gravity. 


A precise, sequential series of steps, like playing hopscotch, with the inherent, tree-like design of nature - a fractal algorithm.


Stress reduction, mindfulness and healing techniques are the street sweepers of emotional debris, fractal blueprints for thought and perception are street maps guiding the way.


Knowing the steps of a blueprint for thought means that you can calibrate your  thinking to others and standardise communication within your personal, family and work life.



Your mind now comes with an instruction manual and how you think is more important than what you think.


What people are saying about

Dr Sean Eastwood's

groundbreaking first book!

  • "Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy represents an evolutionary upgrade in the way we understand and apply thinking to our everyday lives. Dr Sean Eastwood has created a template which if practically applied will revolutionise the way we approach mind body health care now and in the future. "

    Dr Peter Grant 

    Chiropractor / NET Practitioner 

  • "What a mind job! Dr Sean's book Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy brings more depth, reality and detail to our non-physical mind. Dr Sean shares a framework of mind processing to train your mind and its thought process to be more Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy."

    Dr George Gonzalez, DC

    Founder of Quantum Neurology

    Nervous System Rehabilitation


  • “It is said that your thoughts create your reality, but the creative process by which this happens is not well understood. Indeed, the human brain is the most complex biological structure ever to have existed on this planet. Having it is like putting an average driver behind the wheel of the most powerful sports car. Without knowledge and skill, it is easy to lose control.


    I recommend Dr Sean Eastwood's breakthrough book Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy as a readable user guide for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.”

    David Tuffley PhD

  • “Dr Sean provides step by step blueprints for human thought and perception that fit seamlessly with the mindfulness and energy psychology techniques that I’ve learned. Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy is the first self-development book everyone should read because it’s true – everything begins with a thought!”

    Peter Ristovski

    Retail Specialist

  • “A text that is challenging to the absolute core of our understanding – dense with knowledge and penetrative insights.”

    Dr Andrew Macfarlane


  • "With depression, addiction, PTSD and beyond becoming a mental health crisis, Dr Sean's book Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy explains the complex nature of the mind with a natural law of thought.


    Whether you are totally focused on performance excellence or have just a passing interest in the emotional health of you and your family - this book is for you. With a step by step, easy-to-follow structured system, I believe it should be taught in schools. I have never seen anything like it before."

    Michael Blake

    Former NRL Player 

  • “Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy has profound ramifications for anyone seriously trying to understand the power of their mind to create their own happiness and free themselves from the self-doubt of unhealthy, unstructured thinking. Dr Sean has reinforced my belief in the inherent goodness of the human spirit.”

    Asha Sanders

    Missionary, Myanmar

  • “I can now think through day to day situations without them becoming a threat to my daily harmony. Dr Eastwood breaks down a large volume of knowledge into building blocks that help to logically disarm the power of the emotional charge.”

    Jennifer Morgan

    Stage Production

  • "I recommend Dr Sean Eastwood's book Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy and consider it a break-through in understanding the human Thought Process. The subject is well explained and systematically it builds up to a mind-blowing experience of the human thought process."

    Marianne Winter

    Transformational Life Coach/Trainer

  • “We are all in this game of life together and if we are all on the same page there would be no conflicts between one another or wars among nations. This book by Dr Sean Eastwood is the recipe for that one page to lead us to live in harmony, as one.”

    Rod McCagh

    Retired Farmer


About the Author


Originally an accountant and computer systems analyst, Dr Sean Eastwood retrained as a chiropractor because he became fascinated with the connection between physical pain and emotional stress as a patient.


Since 2013, he has been studying the work of a now-deceased Australian software developer who claimed to have found the master algorithm of artificial general intelligence (AGI) in 1999, based on the premise that the human thought process is a natural law, like gravity.


The result of Dr Sean's research are precise blueprints for human thought and perception that accommodate all forms of physical and energetic medicine.


Alan Turing, famous for shortening World War II by cracking German ciphers (as depicted in the movie The Imitation Game), merged mathematics, computer science, psychology and philosophy to create machine learning.


Dr Sean's first book, Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy, is an extension of Turing's work as it relates to human health.

Dr Sean Eastwood

M.Chiropractic. B.Sc. Chiropractic.
Certified Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).
Grad.Dip. Business. (Information Processing)
B.Business (Accounting)

​Founder of Thought Martial Arts

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