Your mind now comes with an instruction manual!


How you think is more important than what you think!


“Dr Sean provides step by step blueprints for human thought and perception that fit seamlessly with the mindfulness and energy psychology techniques that I’ve learned. Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy is the first self-development book everyone should read because it’s true – everything begins with a thought!”

Peter Ristovski

Retail Specialist

With depression, addiction, PTSD and beyond becoming a mental health crisis, Dr Sean's book Logically Accurate, Emotionally Healthy explains the complex nature of the mind with a natural law of thought. Whether you are totally focused on performance excellence or have just a passing interest in the emotional health of you and your family - this book is for you. With a step by step, easy to follow structured system. I believe it should be taught in schools. I have never seen anything like it before.

Michael Blake

Former NRL Player 

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